Best Free Go Launcher Themes for Android Device

If you are looking to download best android launchers of this year, you have come to the right place. Below, We've compiled a list of 8 best Android GO Launcher themes from the Android.

Launchers are the way Android users customize their smartphone and tablet experience. There’s superficial stuff, like changing screen transitions, icons, and fonts, but the best Android launchers out there enable users to tweak the device’s behavior to suit their daily usage, so long as you’re willing to put the time into defining those customization. The best launcher apps available for Android is GO Launcher and if you want to customize your Android phone, then you should install GO Launcher and then download and install the best Android themes on your device.

Android Go Launcher Themes

Android Go Launcher Themes


Miracle feels a lot like Clean which is another theme we threw in this list. It has a more minimalist approach to the style with a collection of different wallpapers to it as well as a redesign for the icons, the app drawer, and folders. This is definitely one the more slick themes for GO launcher.

White Soul

If you like your stuff clean and simple and are actually partial to the iOS style of things, White Soul brings exactly that. As you might have guessed from the title, things are themed with an overall white color palette, including the icons.


Daimon is the complete opposite of the other two previous themes, bringing a more dark and sinister look to your homescreen. With the Daimon theme you’ll also get a customized look to the app drawer, and customized wallpapers and folders to go along with the overall design.

Purple Charm

This one has heaps of purple in it so if you prefer a little more color with your themes, Purple Charm should get the job done. Again, the icons here have a rather iOS style to them, so if you’re looking to bring a little of the UI style of an iPhone to your Android device this theme will get the job done.

The Fox

The Fox has a little more of a fantasy/playful feel to it. If you like cute and cuddly things and enjoy the fantasy style you can’t go wrong with this particular theme. As with all the themes so far The Fox will skin your desktop with themed wallpapers, icons, folders, and app drawer for a complete new look.


As the name states, the style of this GO Launcher theme is very clean and minimalist. The icons have an almost shiny glass look to them while the wallpapers and menu backgrounds give a sort of frosted or hazy glass look. It actually makes for a nice little combination with just the right amount of color from the icons.

Black Elf

Black Elf

Black Elf

If you like things just a tad bit futuristic looking and all clad in black, then Black Elf is the GO Launcher theme to be looking for. It features a little hint of futuristic style and all the black one can handle from icons to wallpapers.

Milky Way

If you want something really colorful, Milky Way has tons of color with a sort of cosmic feel and a glittery, sparkly style to make things look like the actual Milky Way galaxy.

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