Best iOS 7 WinterBoard Themes For iPhone

In this post we have featured some of the best themes that are available in Cydia right now for iOS 7.

The recent release of a Winterboard update with 64-bit compatibility marks a convenient time to reflect on some of the best themes for iOS 7 devices up to now. It’s important to keep in mind that a number of popular themes from iOS 6 have yet to be updated, although it is safe to visualize that many designers will release new versions within the ensuing weeks and months. So, without further ado, have a look ahead for some of the best Winterboard themes for iOS 7 available on Cydia.


Best iOS 7 WinterBoard Themes For iPhone

Best iOS 7 WinterBoard Themes For iPhone

Aura is quite simply one of the most amazing, but elegantly understated themes we have seen. There’s nothing fancy or over-the-top about Aura. It doesn’t attempt to entirely revamp every single aspect of iOS, but what it really does do is introduce a minimalist interface with support for stunning new icons – both third and first-party. Unsupported app icons are masked, as you may expect from any modern theme, and Aura ships having a number of unique wallpapers along with a redesigned Wi-Fi icon that sits within the status bar. Aura can be obtained to download from the ModMyi repo and costs $1.99.


There’s no denying that Solstice is definitely a beautiful representation of what a user-interface need to look like, but it’s also one of the quirkiest that we’ve come across in its implementation. All stock Apple app icons are amended to match the look of the theme, but instead of applying nasty drop shadows towards the icon base, the designer behind Solstice has chosen a different method that includes using the icon detail and applying long shadows to own feeling of depth. Over ninety third-party apps are based on Solstice, with more being added weekly. Solstice is available to download from the ModMyi repo and it is free.


0bscure7 for iOS 7 is a theme that lives as much as its name by stepping from the normalized design conventions that seem to be littered throughout most WinterBoard themes. The theme is most notable by its lack of color, choosing instead to provide white on black, or black on white variations which are tinged with the odd dash of color in some places on icons. Not exactly probably the most adventurous theme that’s out there, but definitely one of the most daring, and in all honesty, one of the most beautiful. 0bscure 7 is available to download in the ModMyi repo and costs just $0.99.


WinterBoard Themes For iPhone

WinterBoard Themes For iPhone

If you’re a fan of themes that feature rounded icons then you’ll like Redsgn theme for iOS 7. It features over 110 customized flat icons that are rounded from edges. This provides a nice minimalistic look to the homescreen. This WinterBoard theme will come in Cydia for free.


The Anycon is a premium theme for iOS devices that’s compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 6 both. It features over 80 original which have a matte look. Its icons are smaller in dimensions and less rounded than Redsgn theme. Anycon consists of two masks as well. The developer of this theme has promised more color mods and icons later on updates as well. Anycon theme is available for $2.99.


Collins is also the creative brainchild behind RocketSauce, another well-designed theme he recently patched for Winterboard on iOS 7 and 64-bit devices. RocketSauce was another theme that accustomed to skin the entire iOS user interface, but currently just customizes the SpringBoard icons with fog-like curved edges. Collins is going to be issuing updates to this theme to include functionality back where possible, even though it will take time. RocketSauce can be yours for $2.99 within the Cydia Store.

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