Great DreamBoard Theme For iPhone 4S, iPhone 4

Dreamboard: A Great Android Theme for iPhone 4, ipad

"dreamboard theme"

dreamboard theme

DreamBoard is a mind-blowing jailrbeak app that contends Winterboard on the other hand you can also customize your iPhone; iPad and iPod touch by applying a variety of themes. Now like Winterboard, Dreamboard lets you applying different themes, but in superior way your home screens look batter than before and you can download DreamBoard easily to make your home screen eye-catching.

Dreamboard is a highly developed Theme display place and it takes total be in charge of over your SpringBoard! Dreamboard allows you a place anything from widgets to apps where ever you wish for. DreamBoard takes theming ahead of just icons, or eliminates the requirement of Iconoclasm, SpringJumps, etc as required in case of a lot of Winterboard themes.

Dreamboard construct it very trouble-free to switch among any theme in just a hardly any few seconds. Simply launch, choose and apply! And, Dreamboard eliminates the need to restart Springboard, everytime you make a modification as you want. Dreamboard also takes in a balancing copy of Endroid (HTC theme).

Important Information

  • Dreamboard is perfect and suitable only with iPhone; iPad and iPod touch although not all themes are well-matched with iPad.
  •  It’s not sure that all themes will matched with old versions.
  •  Must experience on iOS 4.2.1, iOS 4.3.3, and iOS 5 betas.

DreamBoard sample

To see DreamBoard in action is also like a trouble-free job. You just watch the following video and learn how to check fancy weather and Facebook widgets.

Here’s something that a lot of Mac-users want from their phones,a working Lion Ultimatum theme for the iPhone and iPod touch. The theme has a working Menu Bar,working Finder windows – with the ability to drag windows and have multiple windows open – a scrollable dock,the Dashboard and its widgets (which ironically are really only useful in a portable device like the iPhone and iPod Touch),a lock screen with phone,mail and SMS notifications and more.



Download DreamBoard

To download,you need to have Dreamboard installed as it is a Dreamboard Theme,follow the following steps

1. Open Cydia
2. Tap Manage Sources
3. Tap Edit,then Add,then add source
4. Go to the Changes section and install Theme Outlet
5. Close Cydia,go to your home screen,and open Theme Outlet
6. Browse for OS X Ultimatum and download it from there
7. Open up Dreamboard,browse for the OS X Lion Ultimatum theme,and install it.

Made by college freshman and ModMyi forum member Timothy Elliot,Lion Ultimatum is indeed a theme,but it goes beyond skins and icons it overhauls the iPhone and iPod Touch interface,making it look like OS X.Unfortunately this theme is not compatible with the iPad as they would have to create an additional theme for the tablet’s landscape mode.

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