Top 7 Best Winterboard Themes for IPhone 2014

There are a bunch of cool themes to install once you have cydia installed

In the world of HD Winterboard themes for the iPhone, you don’t frequently get to see really good-looking iPhone themes. Maybe you’d like to test out some of the most popular winterboard themes ever hitting the market? So, If your IPhone is Jail broken, then it’s time for you to install cool Cydia themes in your iOS device. Although many of the Best Winterboard themes are paid and can cost you a few bucks but still many developers release free Cydia Themes for iOS users.

Best Winterboard Themes Collection for IPhone Users

Top 7 Best Winterboard Themes for IPhone 2014

Top 7 Best Winterboard Themes for IPhone 2014

Soft Remix for iOS 7

Giving an impression competition to the popular Suave HD theme, the Soft Remix for iOS 7 features small screen icons that provides a presentable look to the screen. The squircle edges give an innovative shape to the icons that make them visually appealing. The only disadvantage of this theme is the fact that third-party custom icons for applications don’t stand out. However, the designer Eduardo Lopez is attempting to offer uniquely design the icons for any rich look.


With a dash of calm colors for example green, blue, grey and outdoor icons, the M’Flat winterboard theme is made for nature lovers. In addition, with over a period of time of time, you will get it see new icons which will simply enhance this theme. Inspired by Alexey Masalov, this theme will replace the boring icons with a scenic background which will refresh you whenever you make use of your device. However, this theme is not available on Cydia currently. You can do the installation on your jailbroken device from a third-party website.


This theme is unquestionably designed to redefine your screen and provide it a new look. Long shadows and attractive color pallet offers an appealing look. The solstice winterboard theme supports a lot more than 90 applications and the designer John Bussell is continually trying hard to add more. Some of the apps contained in the theme are Facebook, Google Maps, Alien Blue, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, WhatsApp, SoundCloud, and much more. Other features included in this theme are endless scrolling, displays album art, zoom for top resolution photos, Nifty icons, and much more. You can download this theme for free on Cydia in the ModMyi repository.


Sporting an oil based paint finish, the Oil7 is really a redesign of Flat7 winterboard theme. Moreover, this theme includes extra icons that are missing within the latter. Besides, all stock app have custom icons with several third-party applications. The Oil7 application is available for free and can be downloaded from Cydia around the BigBoss repository.


This is another great theme designed by Collins who has added all his creativity for making this theme a success. Every button and icon continues to be designed uniquely to enhance the appearance of your screen and to result in the functioning more easily and quick. This is\ yet another theme that accustomed to skin the iOS user interface. You can currently download this theme a customized springboard icons with a fog-liked curve edges to really make it presentable. However, over a period of time, the creator offers to add functionality to its style.

Space Blueberry

Created by Gionata, the Space Blueberry winterboard theme provides a cartoon or flight appearance to over 70 home screen icons to really make it look unique. The Game Center, Music, Safari, and Reminder icons happen to be enhanced to offer a pleasing appearance and also to make your home screen look unique and inventive. You can download this theme free of charge on Cydia in the ModMyi repository. The Space Blueberry theme currently supports iPhone and ipod itouch only.

Zanilla 2

Sporting a beautiful design, the Zanilla 2 winterboard theme for iOS 7 features drop shadows that resemble Solstice theme. Additionally, the general color scheme offers a clean and soothing look that further enhances your visual experience. However, this theme happens to be not available on Cydia. You can download the Zanilla 2 winterboard theme from deviantART page and place it the file within the winterboard directory or library.

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