Top Stunning iOS Dreamboard Themes for your iPhone

Top Stunning Dreamboard Themes for your iPhone: Dreamboard Themes platform for that iOS and option to Winterboard, Dreamboard is now finally readily available for free.

Top Stunning iOS Dreamboard Themes for your iPhone

Endroid Dreamboard Theme

Top Stunning iOS Dreamboard Themes for your iPhone: Dreamboard Themes platform for that iOS and option to Winterboard, Dreamboard is now finally readily available for free. Even though it is indeed a great theming solution for iOS devices, Winterboard was way too limited in relation to deep customization featuring. Dreamboard Themes would be the perfect choice for those who prefers more customizability using their iOS theming, you can get the very best iphone themes with Dreamboard.Sick and tired of the conventional Winterboard themes? Much less excited about needing to edit files inside your iOS device to include some oomph for your otherwise boring themes?

Dreamboard, Winterboard’s counterpart is here now to take the probabilities of theming your iOS device to some whole new level. Forget about manual file editing and downloading multiple Cydia tweaks to create one theme. Less clutter, less headache; this app has everything. The downside you may well ask? Well, very few themes are obtainable in Cydia at the moment and almost 90% of these are paid, and rightly so; forming these themes may take up lots of effort. Imagine being unable to pull them back with a step-by-step guide and ready-made tweaks.

Apple Desk Port V2

This theme isn’t practical to tell the truth, but is fun when you get the hang of it. This Dreamboard Theme mimics you physical desk space and tries to mimic the OSX as well, obviously does not function like one incase you have too excited.

Dreamboard Endroid Evolution Theme

This is a mod of the default Endroid theme that comes free with Dreamboard. This mod requires you to edit .plist files so you can change icons. Click here for instructions on how to install this theme and how to change icons.

OS7 – Dreamboard Theme

Surprisingly, this theme isn’t an inexpensive Metro UI scam. Swipe to the left and you’ll be taken to the apps list as being a Windows 7 device. OS7 also provides you with the Pin and Unpin options so that you can place your favorite or most used app around the homescreen and even move them down and up in order. A general very slick and straightforward theme which looks brilliant around the Retina display.

Endroid Dreamboard Theme

This is the free theme that comes when you install Dreamboard in your device. Features Animated Weather Widget and allows editing of icons. As its name implies, this theme is meant to mimic Android’s UI.


Indeed it is, but ISimple theme screams elegance with it’s sharp aesthetics. Clutter free, swipe right or left to go through the pages or hit the app drawer to bring up the list of apps, or as they say in Android, the App drawer.

Boxor HD iPhone Dreamboard Theme

According to the Theme’s official page, this dreamboard theme will make you spend less time on your iPhone or iPod Touch with features such as Live Weather, WebWidget, Rotating RSS feeds reader, Wallpaper Switcher, and PhotoLive Box.


Some beautiful curves coupled with transparency effects, this theme is bound to make a place for itself on your device. Swipe left to get to the app drawer.

HTC Diamond 2

While there is an Android look alike theme available automatically in Dreamboard named Endroid, the Htc hd2 mobile phone theme offers some steps ahead. Having a scrolling dockbar that can house whatever icons you decide to place on it, this theme could make accessing your app convenient and clutter free. Animated Weather and customizable wallpapers are in the package too.

Dreamboard iNav HD Theme

This comes with the iNavHD beta 1.5 DreamBoard Port, a WinterBoard Version to go with the DreamBoard Port for the Full UI Experience, and the Original iNavHD Beta 1.5. An alternative keyboard is also included.

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